Revising your products description via DSM TOOL

Are you aware that it is possible to modify your existing item’s brief description and also template immediately through DSM price monitor?
If until recently you accomplish it manually within your eBay store, you should consider that the changes had been probably overridden within the next hourly scan and back to the initial information.

Thus in the future, when you want to improve your listings,
and improve the probability of forthcoming sales and also the ranking in eBay’s internet search engine,
just alter it within your Price Monitor like in the following screenshots

Step 1. pick the product you desire to revise then hit ‘edit values’ button

After clicking on the blue pen icon, a pop-up window will show up:

The second step – hit on ‘edit template’

A drop down menu will show with all accessible templates, You don't have to change the existing template.

The third step – Hit Confirm to open item template

Now, another pop up screen will show and will enable you to improve item as you like.

Finally, modify your current product listing template

By doing this, you could make sure that the changes you needed created will remain constantly, plus – if you are working together with a VA, you can allow them to boost and work with your item listings and not having to give him almost any access to your eBay account.

Revising your items information in DSM

Do you know that it is possible to alter your present item’s information along with template directly using DSM price monitor?
In case until recently you had done it manually in your eBay shop, you have to know that these changes were most likely overridden over the following hourly scan and then goes back to the first information.

Therefore in the future, once you want to work on your product listings,
and boost the chance of forthcoming sales and the ranking in eBay’s internet search engine,
just edit it in here your Price Monitor. See the next screenshots

1. find the product you would like to change and click on ‘edit values’ button

After hitting on the blue pencil icon, a pop-up window will appear:

The second step – click on the ‘edit template’

A drop-down menu will appear with all accessible templates, There is no need to alter the existing template.

3. Choose Confirm to open up product template

Another pop-up window will emerge and will allow you to enhance the item as you like.

Finally, replace your existing listing template

In this way, you may make sure that the up-dates you needed made will stay all the time, and in addition – in case you are working together with an outsourcing company, you may let them improve and work with your current listings and not having to give him virtually any access to your own eBay account.

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